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Battlestations: Pacific is the sequel to Battlestations: Midway. Unlike Midway, Pacific is designed to 

Battlestations: Pacific
Developer(s) Eidos Studios Hungary
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Release date(s) [2]May 122009[3]May 152009
Genre(s) Real-time tactics
System(s) WindowsXbox 360
Players 1-8
Rating(s) ESRB[4] TeenPEGI[5] Ages 12+
System requirements(help) [6]3 GHz[7]2 GiB[8]7 GiB[9]Version 9.0C[10]Windows XP
Preceded by Battlestations: Midway
Series Battlestations

run on high-performance PCs, so a computer capable of running Midway may not be able to run Pacific.

There are many changes from Midway to Pacific. There are 

several new modes and playable aircraft, as well as several minor changes such as improved graphics and sound, as well as improved gun lights that now show how much longer a gun has to reload for. Planes are considerably less manoeuvrable and can fly considerably higher than before.

Kamikaze aircraft make their first appearance here, and although crashing a non-kamikaze plane into a target causes minimal damage, a single kamikaze aircraft can destroy a landing vessel. Various screens have been vastly simplified - the repair screen has been reduced considerably, and the Tactical Map has larger and more stylish icons.

Note that this game installs SecuROM as copy protection, and Games for Windows Live in order to even keep your options. Before getting the game, players should be prepared to handle potential errors regarding these two third-party applications.

The community at large remains divided, with some claiming that its spirit has lost since Midway - citing particularly the aircraft automatically replenishing their weapons (though this can be toggled on and off) and semi-automatic aiming that proved controversial with many well-established players. Others cite the positives and maintain that the game is a success.

Although the community remains divided, a lot of players strongly believe that the game is an overall improvement from its previous incarnation.

Be aware that while the game makes a few efforts to remain accurate to history, this guide does not. Invariably, data presented here may or may not be historically accurate. Please do not attempt to correct this information, as this guide's purpose is to follow a video game, and not be a tried-and-true encyclopedia. Modifications from history include the G4M Betty carrying an unreasonable payload and having far more armour than in reality, and some ship types being misrepresented.

For information on getting started in multiplayer, please read the Multiplayer section.

As of May 2010, however, the game's multiplayer is rather sparsely populated, and has not been updated since Version 1.2 in 2009.

[edit]Downloadable Content[edit | edit source]

A single player demo was released for Battlestations Pacific, featuring three maps: Divine Winds of Leyte, a Siege Mode map, and an Island Capture map. Neither the Xbox 360 nor the PC version demos have multiplayer functionality, nor do they have a method of saving controls, meaning the saves would be lost upon shutting down the game.

Three DLCs are available for Battlestations: Pacific. The first is the Volcano Island map pack, which includes two new maps. The Mustang pack includes new units - the P-51 Mustang, the Kuma-class Torpedo variant, and both the Montana and Super Yamato-class battleships, among others. For additional information, look at the units section. The third, just recently released, is the Carrier map pack, which features four new maps centered around carrier battles.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Getting Started             *[[11]]

American Walkthrough#[of the Eastern Solomons]

  1. [of Cape Esperance]
  2. [of Santa Cruz]
  3. [of Henderson Field]
  4. [Battle of Guadalcanal]
  5. [Battle of Guadalcanal]
  6. [of Tarawa]
  7. [of the Phillipine Sea]
  8. [Winds of Leyte]
  9. [of Cape Engaño]
  10. [on Patrol]
  11. [Raid against Indochina]
  12. [Iwo Jima]
  13. [of Okinawa]

Japanese Walkthrough#[on Pearl Harbour]

  1. [of Force Z]
  2. [of Java Sea]
  3. [the Shōhō]
  4. [of Port Moresby]
  5. [for the USS Hornet]
  6. [of Midway]
  7. [of Guadalcanal]
  8. [Skirmish]
  9. [on Sydney Harbour]
  10. [the Fiji's]
  11. [the Germans]
  12. [Road to Hawaii]
  13. [of Hawaii]


  1. [[14]]
  2. [[15]]
  3. Serpent
  4. [[16]]
  5. [[17]]
  6. [Quo]
  7. [[18]]
  8. Volcano†
  9. Choke Point†
  10. Midway Islands‡
  11. Phillipine Islands‡
  12. Leyte‡
  13. Aleutians‡

Tactical Library

  • japense warships
  • japense aircraft
  • american warships
  • american aircraft

- Requires the Volcano Map Pack
- Requires the Carrier Map Pack
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This wiki is for the game battlestaions pacific and contains tips and tricks on how to complete the missions in the game with gold medals to get unlocks or tips to and trickes to beat skrmish maps more easier.[edit | edit source]

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